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We Offer Specific Classes in:

Reality Based Self Defense (6 to 12 hrs)
Women’s Self Defense (3 hrs)
Senior Citizen’s Self Defense (3 hrs)
Bar Security (3 hrs)
Worden Defense Systems (6 to 12 hrs)
Intro to Violence work place talk (1-3 hrs)

We do not provide cookie-cutter-type pre-branded seminars – once you decide to hire KPC you will chat with Randy and he will assess your needs to provide the best experience to you and your clients.




“What’s special about Randy is that he is an excellent teacher. He has consistently taken students who have spent their lives as victims or as the runts of the litter and grown them into confident and even formidable men and women. He has a unique gift for creating a community of sweat, effort, growth and humour.

– Rory Miller, Chiron Training

“Randy has both an excellent sense of humour and friendly demeanour. He is very capable when it comes to dealing with people he has just met and makes them feel comfortable amongst more experienced students in his class.”

– Chris Hamilton, Canadian Forces

“He was a fantastic presenter. The team was engaged and eagerly participated in the seminar. I have received a lot of great reviews from everyone attended. It is evident that Randy is an expert and is someone who can effectively present to a wide variety of people.”

– Ana Conzalez, Canadian Red Cross

“I consider Mr. Randy King to have highly developed skill levels both in his comprehension of Defensive Tactical movement and relaying these concepts in a formal instructional setting.”

– Kelly Worden, Natural Spirit Int’l

“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”


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