Selling Out To Your Level Of Comfort


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Stop letting so-called “experts” and “gurus” tell you that you need to change everything about your dream to make it profitable … you don’t.

There are so many ways to win in today’s world. The era of “this is the way it is done” has passed. This book was written for all the small business owners out there that want to create their business, their way. Selling Out to Your Level of Comfort is a quick and concise guide to help you choose how you will build, market, and expand the business you always wanted. Use the whole book, or just pick and choose what you need from one of the three areas covered inside:

Part 1 – The Basics: Get your business off the ground and learn how to set goals

Part 2 – Marketing and Sales: Learn easy, time-effective, and cheap ways to get people buying from you

Part 3 – Culture and Longevity: Now that you have them … how do you keep them?

By the end of this book, you will have a clear vision of what your business is and all the tools you need to make it grow.


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