EP 10 Hank Scorpeo Part 1

By | 2017-06-06T21:17:15+00:00 July 27th, 2016|

In this two part episode we interview Hank Scorpeo. Hank is a Chemical weapons inspector for the UN and former member of the special forces here in Canada. We discuss a crazy range of topics like; Politics, Hash tag movements and him living abroad. This one is very dense and has A LOT of good info!

EP 9 Prison Dining Etiquette

By | 2017-06-06T21:17:29+00:00 July 20th, 2016|

In Episode 9 We talk to Tracy, a former corrections officer here in Alberta. The stories she tells are.. Eye opening to say the least. Listener discretion is advised

EP 4 Rory Miller

By | 2017-06-06T21:20:17+00:00 May 9th, 2016|

On this Podcast we talk to Best Selling Author and self defense instructor Rory Miller about his ground breaking program Conflict Communication or Con Com if you're nasty.

EP 3 Door Man Violence

By | 2017-06-06T21:20:34+00:00 May 9th, 2016|

In this episode we talk to Randy's good friend and old co-worker Randall about the evolution of violence that he has seen over the last 20 years in clubs.

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