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Randy King is a high-energy and entertaining presenter, and an internationally-acclaimed speaker on violence prevention, violence management, and self defense. His goal is to expose and correct the myths that surround violence in the modern world.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the civilian world as a bouncer, close protection officer, and head of security, his programs teach people what they need to prioritize in order to defend themselves against real-world threats.

Randy is the founder of KPC Self Defense, star of the YouTube series “Randy’s Rant”, core member of the Violence Dynamics coaching team, author of “Selling Out to Your Level of Comfort”, and co-host of the podcast “Talking to Savages”.

He has presented his programs and workshops to gyms, law enforcement agencies, businesses, tribal bands, schools and universities in Canada, the United States, Scotland, Germany, and Bulgaria.



  • Reality Based Self Defense Instructor
  • Conflict Communications  Instructor
  • Violence Dynamics Core Instructor
  • One on One Control Tactics Canadian Director 2015
  • Worden Defense Systems: 4th Degree black belt, 2014
  • Understanding Violence cert, 2014, Emory University.
  • Talon Instructor, 2013
  • Certified Body Guard through CQB, 2007
  • P.S.S. Control and Bar tactics certified, 2002
  • Security  (Bouncer, Guard, Close Protection, Head of Security) 2000-2015